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Microinvestoffers several indisputable advantages concerning its products, support service, and partnership. The key advantages that make the work efficient and comfortable are:


European maintenance – fast, responsible, high-quality

Microinvesthas an excellent system for technical support of its products. All of the technical issues and questions that arise are being solved by public forums, direct connection with the developers, active communication with our partners or with the help of our technical consultants. Our approach is European with maximum dedication towards the customer and responsibility to achieving the desirable goal. All of the questions are being treated as urgent ones and special care is taken of the customers. On the other side, all of the partners know that they can rely on a responsible European company and are not alone when implementing the products.

The most attractive price-quality ratio

There are numerous products with variable functions, others with competitive prices, but only Microinvest succeeds at offering such a wide variety of functionalities in one program only, with reasonable price and ongoing development. The combination of opportunities and competitive price presents Microinvest with undeniable advantage in relation to its competitors.

Implemented help system and easy introduction with the products

Each Microinvest product possesses a standard help system that can be activated with F1. By pressing F1, the customer will receive a full description of the presently active module. This will ensure the fast and unimpeded study of the product and an immediate checkup for available opportunities.

A combined solution for a store and a restaurant

Microinvest provides a uniform solution for a store and a restaurant. It is not necessary anymore to have an individual product for a store, another system for a restaurant, a third one for a supermarket, a forth one for a café, a fifth one for a sauna, etc. When the specialists are studying the opportunities that Microinvest provides, they can automate everything with the help of only one product. This product makes the work of the specialist very easy and it does not require studying and supporting of 5 to 10 different systems!

The most powerful system for discounts

The difference is in the management. And when all people can make salads and provide beverages and alcohol, something else is unique and very important for the work and the success of a company. Microinvest possesses the most powerful system for defining and managing trade discounts. Now, managers can make the rules, set individual rates, use lunch menus and personal cards. All of this is a part of the standard version of the product. It is not necessary to buy other expensive modules.

Comfort during work

A structured program, a balanced and a nice interface, a strict following of the main computer principles and a great graphic design guarantee a comfort during the work of the operator, a fast orientation in the programs and a lack of bothering questions as: “How to do this or that?”. The clients and the service specialists are happy from the lack of mistaken menus, complex screens and continuing clicking with the mouse on thousand different options.

All drivers are installed and there is no need of additional software

There are existing systems, which continuously require the purchase of additional modules. When you add a new printer, change the model of the electronic scale or add discount cards, the clients, the specialists and the owners are required to pay for the additional drivers, additional programs and have additional costs. All of this is removed in the products of Microinvest. One program contains everything; the drivers are installed, without any hidden costs for the drivers or for any helpful modules.

Opportunity for working in a demonstration mode

Do you know the phrase “to buy a cat in a bag”? Most of the products require a payment for the licenses in the beginning and only then the clients meet the functional opportunities. According to the market policy of Microinvest the clients can test the software and only then to buy the system. The service specialists can benefit more. They can install the whole system and to set it without any license keys. Only then, if the clients agree they can buy and install the license codes. In this way the clients pay only when they are sure what the software characteristics are.

Maintenance of all operating systems

What is your favorite operating system? Windows? Linux? MacOS? Android? All the products of Microinvest are supporting it. By a great number of instruments and products, the solutions of Microinvest are available to all operating systems. All of this is available and documented even for free and with an open code for Linux. The specialists can appreciate the great opportunities that the cross-platform allows. All of this is done by only one producer- Microinvest!

Free trainings and advertising materials

Microinvest holds different free trainings. Every client, partner, friend or programmer can benefit from the seminars, conferences and Internet video presentations. Moreover, all of this is free and does not require an investment or a complex procedure for trainings, exams, qualifications or a special access mode. The specialists from the company are going across different regions, from Vladivostok to Havana. The trainings are part of the policy for spreading different products. The partners get different free advertising materials and access to the technical information.

Other benefits

The described benefits are only the top of the iceberg. The innovations on the technical level are much more. The mix of positive characteristics can be expanded and practical results can be added. They are only for supporting the software of Microinvest.

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